Best Toys To Use With Your Companion

Whether you’re a newcomer to the escorting scene or, whether you’re a veteran who already has plenty of regulars and constantly gets new clients asking for your services, chances are you have been asked to use a toy on your companion or for them to use one on you, once or twice.
This is nothing new and, in fact, it can actually be quite the sensual experience for both the escort and the companion alike! Sharing a toy together or using one on your companion can truly fortify a bond and make the session insanely pleasant.

Now, escorts in Australia are already quite sensual and sexually versatile by nature, however, sometimes, they can also be a bit confused when trying to figure out what toys to use with their companions if these do require them, or have hinted at them.

More often than not, clients will be quite clear about the toys that they want to use when having sex with an escort however, sometimes, they prefer to be surprised and, that is when you have to use your analyzing skills in order to figure out what to take with you.

Today we will talk about some of the best toys to use with your companions and how to know if they are into it or not so you can maximize your time with them and have them return time and time again!


When a companion asks you to take a vibrator or dildo with you to the bedroom then, more often than not, this either means that they want to use it on you or that they want to sit back and see you using it on yourself!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with both of these possibilities and, they should definitely be respected (as long as you’re comfortable with them).

If a companion doesn’t tell you this straight away then you must analyze the situation and determine if it would be best to have one of these toys on you, just in case. If you know that the client wants to have some sexy time with you but he probably can’t get “it” up then having a toy with you is a great way to avoid some awkward situations.

Also, if the client is a female and you’re also a female, this is, of course, a way to make sexy time a lot more fun and versatile!

Strap Ons

These kinds of toys are mostly requested by men that love to be dominated and, subsequently, pegged but, also by women that want to be fucked by other incredibly sexy women!

Pegging is the act of performing anal sex with a man using a strap-on or even a dildo.

Since the male G spot is in the anus, it is with no surprise that more and more men are looking to try pegging so, if your client has hinted at this or has blatantly told you that they want to try it out, using a strap on is the right way to go!

These are just some of the ways that you can figure out and decide what the best sex toys are to use with your companions so, we hope that they prevent awkward times and facilitate amazingly enticing moments!