Dealing With Morning Wood

Sometimes, an escort might be lucky enough to be hired for several days. This usually means that the escort will be spending those days with their companions, sleeping and waking up right next to them!
This also means that they will be in full work mode throughout those days that they were hired for which, can be quite challenging, especially in the morning.

It is well known that men tend to get morning wood frequently or every once in a while but, regardless, it always ends up happening here and there. If you’re not accustomed to morning wood, it can be quite jarring to see it first thing in the morning, however, this can also make for some really amazing memories with your companion!

Today we will talk about some of the things you can do to take care of his morning wood so he keeps returning to you, every time he needs your caring services!

Give Him A Good Morning Blowjob

If you’re the kind of person that is used to waking up very early then, chances are you will be waking up before your companion. In case you do, if you do notice that his penis is rock hard then there is no better way to wake him up than with a good morning blowjob.

Slowly and delicately, slide under the sheets, pull his underwear down (if he even has any on him) and start putting those lips and tongue to good use. This will surely make it so that he will wake up with a smile on his face and in a fantastic mood!

Morning Makeout

In case both you and your luxury companion have woken up at the same time and he has the biggest hard-on you’ve ever seen, then making out can be incredibly hot but, obviously, it should not be left at that!

Kissing him, with both of your tongues intertwining with each other, will only get him more aroused so, wrapping your hand around his penis and jerking it off until a vast sea of cum comes out of it is a great way to start the day!

Get That Morning Workout

When seeing such a hard-on right next to you, chances are you might get just as horny as he woke up as! This is nothing to be ashamed of and, in fact, it is a great way to start the day as well!

If you are both awake and you see that he is willing to get straight to action then don’t waste any time. Get on top of him and ride him like the gorgeous escort cowgirl that you are and get that morning workout in!

Morning wood is a wonderful thing that should definitely not go to waste so, if you and your companion wake up in the mood for some sexual action, why not take advantage of it?