January 2017

Fact: I adore my clients.  I am not just saying that to win favour with gents out there and seem “nice”; nor am I one of those annoying people that only ever think positive thoughts, say positive things or have been overexposed to “The Art of Happiness”. 

Despite the tendency of us humans to categorise/box/subjectify/stereotype each other based on appearance, heritage, culture, religion, background, wealth, education and first impressions; our personalities are inherently complex, multi-faceted, even chameleon-like and forever intriguing….

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The Lunch-time
Part 1 of the ‘Arotica’ series……..
She’s of the opinion that in her work, as in her life; any experience created to be savoured should never be rushed.

He lay face down on her bed and closed his eyes. Stressed, stiff, sore, annoyed, frustrated and generally malcontent summed up his feelings at the moment. His whole body felt awkward which distracted him constantly from his work which was the last thing he needed if he was to get out of the office before 9pm tonight. Bugger it, he was taking a longer lunch break today. Those emails will just have to wait.

He wished like anything he could just go on holiday. He knew that was impossible at the moment and almost prayed that he would badly break something so that he would be confined to a hospital bed and forced to rest, sleep and watch garbage on TV.

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