How To Break The Ice Between You And Your Companion

One of the hardest things for an Australian escort to deal with is to have to break the ice, to let go of that awkwardness and shyness of meeting someone for the first time and, actually get a good and enticing conversation rolling.

There are a couple of ways that one can actually break the ice in a way that doesn’t feel forced or rushed, as if you were trying to get to the finish line without even trying to complete the course.

Whether you’re a bit of a shy person, a bit awkward or extremely outgoing and friendly, here are some ways that you can break the ice with your companion, in order to really make your time with them worthwhile and, of course, as enjoyable as it can be!

Talk About Eachother’s Day

It might seem like a very insignificant way to start a conversation but, ultimately, it can truly lead to a greater path in terms of getting to know your companion and for them to get to know you as well.

By asking about your companion’s day and properly listening to what they have to say, you get a bit of a glimpse as to how they might be feeling, how they go along with their days and what they like and dislike.

Sure, a lot of companions prefer to not share too much at first but, regardless, it is a great start to getting to know each other.

Share A Drink Together

Another fantastic way to break the ice is to start off with a drink. Drinks (particularly alcohol) can truly loosen up a person if they are feeling very stressed or tense so, it is a great thing to just sit down next to each other with a drink on hand, sipping as you share flirtatious jokes and smiles that will lead on to a fantastic night.

Have A More “Hands-On” Approach

Another great and much more practical way to break the ice is to get a bit more hands-on with them! Sitting in a very sexy position, touching them as you are talking to them and truly making sure that they gradually feel more and more comfortable with you is a great way to break the ice while skipping the small talk that usually goes along with it.

Use Humour To Your Advantage

More often than not, having a good laugh can truly break the ice between two people so, a great way to do this is by cracking a couple of jokes here and there to truly get your companion to feel more at ease around you.

Cracking jokes about something that may have happened to you before the meeting or something else altogether can truly get the job done and be fun at the same time.

Overall, it might be easier to break the ice with some companions than others, however, it is often the escort that has to do it. In order to truly get the small talk out of the way and to actually break the ice, it is important to have confidence in yourself and treat it as if you were meeting a long-time friend, that you’ll definitely have some spicey moments with!