Unicorn In Escorting, What Is It?

Has any of your clients ever reach out to you, asking if you’d like to be their unicorn? Have you ever even heard the term “unicorn” when it comes to the escorting scene? If not then don’t worry because you are definitely not alone in this!
Before we go in-depth into this term, it is important to notice that no, you are not being called a literal unicorn (although that would be quite a magical compliment) and no, you are not being compared to one either.

It might sound quite surprising but, unicorn is actually a term used by swingers or couples that are looking for a third participant for their bedroom action. Yes, it is definitely not what a lot of people think about when hearing that word but, alas, it is what it is.

So, What Exactly Is A Unicorn In The Escorts Field?

Unicorn is a term that swingers often use when looking for a bisexual female escort (or a friend with benefits) that will participate in sexual activities with the couple. In short, it is the term used for the perfect bisexual female escort that will pay equal attention to the couple.

There’s a big emphasis on bisexuality because the fun part about finding a female escort, that likes both men and women, is the fact that both the man and woman that are in a relationship will be getting the same amount of attention and dedication from her.

By having a bisexual woman in the bedroom, the woman in the relationship can be certain that her vagina will be treated right and, the man can be sure that he will have a lot of fun with her body as well!

Why Would They Use “Unicorn” As The Term?

When evaluating the reason as to why swingers (and couples in general) might use “unicorn” as the preferred term it is very important to actually access and understand what a unicorn actually is, so to speak.

In folklore tales, mythology and fantasy books and movies, unicorns are a very rare creature that is magical in its own right. Once you understand this, the reason why swingers and couples use this term becomes crystal clear.

Unlike many people think, it can actually be quite difficult to find a woman that, not only, is bisexual but, is also into having sex with a couple, hence why they’re called unicorns.

They are called unicorns because it can be very difficult to find a female bisexual escort that will be willing to have sex with a couple and to keep it professional and non-personal on a deep level.

Do You Think You Might Be A “Unicorn”?

Are you a bisexual female escort? Are you interested in having sex with swingers and having a night to remember? If so then congratulations because you are the perfect unicorn that a lot of swingers and couples are looking for!

If you consider yourself to be the unicorn in these kinds of situations then, the best thing to do is to own it because, not long after, you will have couples after couples asking for your services!